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Upgrading your home or business computer only makes sense if you’re using high-quality components, and that’s exactly what’s offered at the Fateka online computer shop. We offer nothing but the best RAM upgrades from top brands like Crucial and Kingston Value, and desktop hard drives from WD Green. Switching to higher-capacity components is a great way to prolong the life of your home or office computer while avoiding the expense of purchasing an entirely new machine. You may also choose to purchase a new computer and upgrade its memory to match the specifications of a much more expensive model. High-capacity RAM can increase the functionality of your computer, allowing you to run complicated applications that your system may not have been able to support without reduced performance. Hard drive upgrades can allow for storage of thousands to millions of files generated from your work. With memory volume now available in excess of 1 terabyte, you’ll have plenty of headroom as you continue to generate and store data.

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